Why We Coast Through Our Spiritual Life

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We all have a tendency to coast and to get by on whatever skill or talent we may be strong in. But that is not growth, even if you are actively feeding and cultivating your pet talent, you are missing an opportunity to advance your capacities in a more well-rounded way.

Tim Elmore, a noted speaker and author, has called this tendency our Oversized Gift. For example, if you are an adult who is good at communicating and expressing Godly things but have never worked on listening to others and learning from them then you are coasting and just winging it.

Growing means working on parts of yourself that is not a strength.

Scripture reading has always been something that I have been hesitant about, so I committed to read through the book of John in a week. I can be particular about the people I spend time with so I asked God to guide me to others that he wanted me to be with. I like to have my physical cravings met on my own schedule, so I tried fasting to remind me that I can trust God for all of my needs.

What is your oversized gift? Have you been coasting and letting your talent or skill give you false comfort while you sacrifice an opportunity to be a more balanced Christ follower.

Growing up means embracing your blind spots and working, with God’s help, on what will bring true growth.

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