Becoming A Student of Jesus

Considering the last post, I wanted to move forward in paths toward growth in Christlikeness. The first step is becoming a student of Jesus. We are students of many things and many people but are we a student of Jesus? Do we read scripture and learn from Jesus how to live? Do we pray and... Continue Reading →

One Thing

What is your one thing? I have thought a lot about what this blog's one thing should be. What is one message that I would like to get across to whoever happens to find my blog? I am not a theologian so I would fail if I tried to argue doctrine and the like. I am... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus Lord Of Your Life?

All of my talk about spiritual disciplines may give the impression that these are requirements for righteousness. Spiritual disciplines serve only one purpose - to assist in making Jesus Lord of your life. What spiritual discipline can best focus your mind and heart on the Lordship of Jesus? For me, right now, it is the... Continue Reading →

Christian Life Hacker – 23 Things

Here is the entire list of the 23 Things. I hope you discovered some new practices and ideas that you hadn't been exposed to before. Feel free to share the 23 Things with your small groups and disciple groups. Congratulations to Cary Jester who commented on the most items and wins the free book. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Concluding 23 Things

Shortly, I will post the complete list of the 23 Things all in one post. If you haven't already, you can still go through the 23 Things and comment on each post. If you comment on each post you will be eligible to win a Free Book. I will draw next week. If you are... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 9: Sabbath

Week 9: Sabbath 20. Read this interview with Pastor and author of The Message, Eugene Peterson. 21. Sabbath accomplishes many things but the most beneficial is what it teaches us about time. See below: 1. Cultivates trust in God - Dallas Willard elaborates on this point, "When we come to the place where we can joyously "do no work" (Leviticus... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Christian Worshiper

I have a confession to make. I don't like church music. No, I am not trying to start a debate about worship styles, instruments, or lyrics. I basically have the same reaction during worship with an organ and a hymn book as I do with electric guitars and lyrics written last month. Church music and... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 8: Worship

Week 8: Worship 18. Watch John Ortberg and Dallas Willard discuss worship. Watch from the 6:00 mark to the 13:00 mark 19. How often do we prepare for worship? One thing we can do is expect to meet God during worship. Next, we can pray for the worship leaders, that they may feel God's presence and... Continue Reading →

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