Why We All Need A Program To Follow

Four Hour Work Week Core Performance I Will Teach You To Be Rich Total Money Makeover These are just a few of the programs that I have enlisted in over the years to be intentional about change or improvement. This winter and spring, I have followed Peter Walsh into what our family has called "The... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine

I am always reluctant to tell others about my morning routine. I think I am embarrassed by how early I get up and how regimented that I am. I think that it will discourage others from pursuing spiritual things because they will think that they have to get up as early as I do. I... Continue Reading →

Removing Barriers To Spiritual Growth

I have recently come across some personal finance articles that discuss how passive barriers prevent people from making effective choices with their money. A passive barrier is an inconvenience in our life that makes doing what we know we need to do more difficult. For example, the other day I was going to workout during... Continue Reading →

Three Steps To A God Drenched Day

A 2008 study from researchers at Northeastern University monitored the cell phone signals of 100,000 Americans. The study was intended to track the movements of humans throughout their daily lives. Published in Nature, the study showed that humans are very predictable in their daily movements. They visit the same places around the same time each... Continue Reading →

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