An Alien Looks At Christmas

Reposted from 2016 If you dropped an alien into a medium sized American town on Christmas Eve, down the street from a church, what would he make of the scene? He would probably report back that Earthlings are obsessed with light. He would first notice that houses and buildings have lights attached to the walls... Continue Reading →

When You Have To Forgive God

I needed to forgive God. This was an important third step in my forgiveness journey. It started with forgiving others. I worked hard on this. I read Desmond Tutu’s book on forgiveness. I consulted a psychologist’s online steps to forgiveness. I put into practice the welcoming exercise I learned from Richard Rohr. It was a... Continue Reading →

What Is The Soul?

Few people actually understand the word soul.  Even though it is used with great frequency and confidence in our culture I bet if you asked people on the street to define the word few people could give an accurate explanation. I looked back on the archives of my blog to see if I had ever... Continue Reading →

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