Jesus Didn’t Die To Give You A Political Stance

I am fed up. I don't like to use this space for social and political commentary but recent events are crying for a different perspective, one that I thought I might be able to speak to. It seems that there is a misconception in American Christianity that the only way to live out your faith... Continue Reading →

We Are All Addicted

Though psychologists and researchers are reluctant to label excessive technology use as an addiction there are some tell tale signs that may be personal to us. Answer these questions: How many of us have more than one TV in the home? How many of us have more than one computer in the home? How many... Continue Reading →

How Would Jesus Use A Smart Phone?

Just as hurry has made the present a place that few people are satisfied living in, technology and its communicative ability to transport us digitally someplace else and with someone else has made us more and more distant from the people who may need us right where we are. Mark Galli, in a piece entitled... Continue Reading →

One Method of Praying The Scriptures

Long time readers will remember the theme of this year has been the Word of God. I have sought insight and guidance in the reading of scripture and worked to gain a greater appreciation and love for the Bible. Several books have helped me in this process, George Guthrie's Reading the Bible For Life and... Continue Reading →

The Need For A Spiritual Vacation

I spent last week traveling and relaxing with my family. It was a classic summer vacation with beaches, interstate rest stop picnics, and peculiar road sign sightings. Should I have used the additional down time and scenic locales for more intentional spiritual exercises and thought? What should my spiritual life do while my vocational life... Continue Reading →

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