5 Ways To Control Your Thought Life

My last post was on the importance of thinking about God. Today, I offer up five exercises that can help you turn your distracted mind into one that regularly thinks on God. 1. Count Your Breaths - Distracting thoughts are like a buzzing mosquito that keeps flying around your head. You try to ignore it... Continue Reading →

Relax and Take In God

I have been trying to find ways to simplify my life but I am terrible at it. I am easily distracted by media and the latest information. (I guess that is why I am a librarian) I am hoping to find time and space in my life for God, reflection, and family. That is one... Continue Reading →

How to Think About God When You Are Bored

Dallas Willard says that the first freedom that humans possess is where "they will place their mind." In other words, no matter our situation or circumstance our minds can still dwell on good, positive things. I am not concerned with the power of positive thinking but the power of God thinking. Willard goes on to... Continue Reading →

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