Never Stop Growing Up

Most females stop growing physically at age 15 and males stop growing at age 18. Our brains will continue to develop until age 25. So, by the time we reach 30 years old we have reached our peak in human physical and mental development. Yet, as Eugene Peterson points out, the most important growing up... Continue Reading →

A Living and Breathing Life

To live a Grown Up life, you need the very spiritual life breath of God. Two striking moments in human history occured with God breathing something into existence. When God created the first man, scripture says that he “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” When Jesus has been raised from the dead and... Continue Reading →

Being A Yes/No Person in A Lying Age

How many verbal tricks and persuasive maneuvers do we use to try to influence people?  We try over emotionality, half truths, and flowery language to impress people and to get them to do what we want. People who have a gift for language, speaking, or writing can have a tremendous power over people. It is... Continue Reading →

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