Re-Hacked #4: Slow Burn

To mark the one-year anniversary of the beginning of this blog, I am re-posting some of my favorite posts from the past year. This post first appeared on Oct. 28. The biggest mistake a beginner in any new venture can make is starting too hard and too fast. In our zeal for getting started and... Continue Reading →

A Year In The Life Hacker

Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. Writing and developing the blog has been a challenge but also very beneficial to my own development as a communicator and writer. But most of all, this blog has made me seriously consider how my relationship with Christ is progressing and where some of my faults and... Continue Reading →

Memory Skills For Christians

I am reading and enjoying Trevor Hudson's book Discovering Our Spiritual Identity. In a chapter on developing a Christian memory, Hudson mentions that Jesus' mother, Mary, is a great example of someone who had developed a Christian memory. In Luke 2:19 and also in verse 51, it states that Mary "treasured all of these things... Continue Reading →

Christian Life Hacker Guide To Christmas

Christmas may be my favorite religious holiday. Why? Because it seems to be the only time when Evangelical Christians allow themselves to be spiritual. Most evangelical church services contain so much activity and noise that it is a wonder anyone can muster a spiritual thought. But at Christmas, no one seems to be freaked out... Continue Reading →

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