God Is Not Impressed With Your Overwork

I have had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for more than a decade. I have even had the surgery to repair it but it didn’t take. Now, I just manage it with exercises, ergonomics, and scheduled breaks from the computer work that exacerbates it.  I have a physical signal for when I am overworking my hands and... Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Push Up Test

Recently I came across a study that said that men over 35 who could do 40 consecutive push-ups were at a lower risk of heart failure. Doctors were considering using this Push-Up Test as a diagnostic of men’s cardiovascular health. I immediately asked myself if I could do 40 push-ups without stopping, so I tested... Continue Reading →

Who Is The Face of Christianity?

The Face of Christianity is Jesus. I feel like Captain Obvious making this point but peruse Church websites, Christian Twitter, or the Nightly News’ reporting on Christianity and tell me if you see Jesus front and center? There is no Christianity without Christ; he is the face of the faith. Just as Michael Jordan was... Continue Reading →

Forgive – Love – Wait

I don’t pretend to get many words from God but I do sometimes come across a feeling or an inspiration or an opening up that makes sense and is surprising and doesn’t seem to come from my limited thoughts. Three words have come to me recently and they have given me a way to pray... Continue Reading →

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