The Thought Life of a Grown Up Christian

When I look at my own life, my prayer is that I will become a child of light. A child of light rejects its former life that was marked by darkness and revels in all that is good and right and true. They spend their days trying to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.... Continue Reading →

How Not To Be A Pharisee

Pharisees are all around us in every aspect of society. It is one of our cultures most seductive tendencies - to puff ourselves up by letting everyone else know how righteous we are and how lacking everyone else is. It is seductive because all we have to do is to tick a few boxes of... Continue Reading →

How To Fight Unhappiness

The loss and sadness that I have experienced could bring one of two things.  One, I could, as Henri Nouwen says, “become accustomed to living with sadness” and let it define my future. Or, I could recognize the great goodness that has always been open to me in God’s kingdom.  Being accustomed to living with... Continue Reading →

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