We Have Entered The Coronavirus Sabbath

In 44 years of life, I have never seen anything like this - the complete shutdown of all aspects of society. No segment of society is unaffected by COVID-19. I am working from home for the first time in my life, no churches are meeting in a building, March Madness is canceled, schools are shuttered,... Continue Reading →

God Is Not Practicing Social Distancing

As if modern life wasn't isolating enough, experts are telling us that in order to avoid a raging virus and to save our own health and that of others we must isolate ourselves and distance ourselves from fellow humans and their contact. How depressing and lonely. May we find encouragement in the nearness of God.... Continue Reading →

Three Ways To Grow Up

Last week, we discussed how our interaction with God progresses and changes because God wants us to grow and mature and not stay at just one level of commitment and experiences. Here are a few ways for us to step out of a child like existence with God and begin to experience a deeper and... Continue Reading →

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