We Lost A Momentous Christian Voice

I just heard that Eugene Peterson died. What a giant loss this is. I cannot put into words what it is like to read and listen to Peterson talk about God. Only Frederick Buechner, Dallas Willard, and Peterson make me feel like a different person after reading them. I feel more hopeful and more full... Continue Reading →

The Story of Joy, Part 3

One part of my spiritual and personal story that I haven’t discussed much is the pregnancy, birth, and early life stages of our daughter, Joy. My wife recently wrote about this and I thought I would share it on the blog with a series of posts. God has moved in profound ways concerning Joy and... Continue Reading →

Try Growing Up

Instead of chasing every new teaching, try a little scripture reading. Instead of seething with anger, try forgiveness. Instead of cunning and scheming, try speaking the truth in love. Instead of finding ways to divide, try finding unity in the faith. Instead of seeking only individual health, try seeking the health of the group or... Continue Reading →

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