Good Words

Life: John Stott died this week. Find out what made him such a great man. Music: Gillian Welch talks about how slowing down helped her to create better music. Politics:  What some religious leaders are doing about the debt crisis Curriculum: The Mono online course on communicating with God Book:   Church in one of the most dangerous... Continue Reading →

Work Hazards

Because of my work, I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a strange pain down the side of my right leg. I enjoy playing basketball but I have a finger that is trying to go the wrong direction because it has been jammed so many times. I also like to jog but I still have scars... Continue Reading →

Time Stands Still

No official blog post today as I am working on a project for the blog that I am really excited about. Stay tuned and get ready to learn some new things that will help your spiritual formation. Meanwhile, this is what I am reading now: The Pastor  by Eugene Peterson        

‘I Found God At Work’

Brother Lawrence did his work without complaining or grumbling. His work was as a kitchen aide in a monastery in France. Most of his life at the monastery was spent working in the kitchen; not as a superior but as a lowly kitchen hand who washed dishes and lived in obscurity. He died in 1691... Continue Reading →

Why You Need a Spiritual Retreat

I finished leading a men's retreat on Saturday and began thinking about the value of retreats in the spiritual life. I have put together a list of why retreats are helpful for individuals and for groups. 1. Usually involves nature - You certainly could have a retreat in a high rise building or in some... Continue Reading →

Do Women Take To Spiritual Things More Than Men?

This weekend, I will be leading a men's retreat consisting of about 7 guys. I began thinking about how men approach spiritual matters and whether or not women approach the spiritual life more easily than men? Here are some of my observations: Women: enjoy talking more than men (making sharing fears, doubts, and struggles easier)... Continue Reading →

Making All Things New – Hacked

Henri Nouwen, for all of his scholarship and academic pedigree, was a master at taking aspects of the spiritual life and making them accessible and appealing. I have read his book, The Way of the Heart, many times and his Return of the Prodigal Son is one of my all time favorite books. I have... Continue Reading →

Pick It Up And Read

I have found myself at times, reading the study notes in a Bible first and then reading the scripture they reference. What happened to just reading the Bible? I have several Bibles around the house and the one I have been reading lately has no study notes or reflections. The only feature that it provides... Continue Reading →

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