New Class Available

If  you live in the DFW Metroplex and want to pursue more of the ideas that we have discussed in this blog, then plan on attending a class designed for believers ready for a doable path to Christlikeness. More of Christ, Less of Everything Else Inglewood Baptist Church Starts Feb. 13, 6 p.m. Open to... Continue Reading →

Eliminate to Illuminate

If I am not careful, my stack of books to be read can grow by the day. I have never met an interesting website that I didn't want to subscribe to. If I enjoy a blog or writer I am never satisfied with reading just a few things by them, I have to read their... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Scot McKnight has developed a map of spiritual development   New Book: Bob and Joel Kilpatrick  discuss The Art of Being You Study: TV exposure causes much higher rates of eating disorders Dallas Willard goes in depth on the VIM pattern of change "The personal dimension of the gospel is good news about ourselves. The... Continue Reading →

Why Christian Spiritual Growth Matters.

Sometimes I wonder if what I am doing on this blog and in classes I teach on discipleship is mistaken. I ask myself if I am being too focused on self and am encouraging people to abandon global pursuits for personal pursuits that potentially have little meaning. Is my emphasis on personal spiritual growth just... Continue Reading →

The Reliable VIM

From 2002-2006, my wife and I did intense work at an inner city ministry. Leah ran the kitchen and I volunteered with various ministries and efforts. One thing that I tried to do was meet with some of the men who had recently become followers of Christ. We tried to meet a couple of times... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Stephen A.  Macchia overcomes the Philosophy of More (that more is always better even in spiritual things) to simplify his spiritual life for the better. Billy Graham lists regrets and advices young pastors to guard their time so they can spend more time with family. Donald Miller turns off his cell phone and gets more... Continue Reading →

How Christ Made Me A Better Person Pt. 1

In the last post, I expressed that the best path to personal change is first through Christian spiritual transformation and development. Here are some examples in my own life of personal changes coming as a result of the work of Christ in my life. - Become a nicer, friendlier person - Initially, I come across... Continue Reading →

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