What AE Is All About

Some of you have asked to know a little more about the actual nuts and bolts of the Apprentice Experience. Here is what we have already done and what our daily routine will look like when we meet this week. Back in August, we were assigned weekly readings and then answered questions related to those... Continue Reading →

Scenes From the First Grow Up Event

Last Friday, I hosted the first Grow Up Event, a Fund Raising Party. After rain earlier in the day, the skies cleared up late Friday afternoon and the weather was perfectly cool and pleasant. The ground was hardly wet or muddy. God set up a great evening for us. Around 35 people came and enjoyed... Continue Reading →

The One Thing You Can’t Forget

As this political cycle tries to tell you that your faith is nothing more than a political bent, don't forget Jesus. As the media tries to tell you that your faith is nothing more than a stance on one specific issue, don't forget Jesus. In 2 Timothy 2:8-9, Paul says, "Remember Jesus Christ, raised from... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Starting Something New?

I relaunched this blog back in May. There was a lot of prep to get it started again but I have never felt burdened by it. I started the Apprentice Experience in August and have been doing weekly readings and assignments. This has taken a little bit of time away from the blog but I... Continue Reading →

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