God Can Be Trusted

I have a meeting today that I have a small role in. I am worried not so much about my performance in the meeting but more about how my performance will be assessed by others. If I can trust God in helping me with the tasks at hand why can't I trust him with the... Continue Reading →

The Parenting Test

Tests are provided in school to determine how much a student has learned. But does life provide consistent means of assessment when it comes to our Christian life? Sure, we can think of life's big tests such as disease, death, and tragedy, but what about the every day? Are there moments in our day in... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Lights Should Have Won

I peeked in on the Emmy's last night, hoping to see if one of my favorite shows would win series of the year. I have watched Friday Night Lights since its first episode five years ago. In that episode, the storyline was pretty much what you would expect involving football, teenagers, and high school. But... Continue Reading →

The Christian Must Reads

The good people over at Renovare have recently released a book entitled 25 Books Every Christian Should Read. I thought it would be interesting to compare their list of classic books for the Christian life with the most recent Christian book stores best sellers lists. You don't have to look too hard into culture to... Continue Reading →

What Changed On Sept. 11

September 11, 2001 was a key moment in my life. I was deeply affected by the tragedy. It sickened me to think that there was evil in the world capable of accomplishing what that group of terrorists accomplished. I decided that week that I didn't want to be a part of a world where this... Continue Reading →

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