Men Need To Grow Up

Men’s ministry is full of examples pushing masculine things such as eating meat that someone hunted and killed, smoking cigars, starting a fire, or playing golf. There is nothing wrong with these things and men need to find more ways to connect and build community with other men but doing these things with a little... Continue Reading →

The Jesus Beyond Belief

Jesus wants followers who live beyond a set of beliefs.  He wants followers who know him. He says, “And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”  When I know someone, I know what their interests are and what they are prone to... Continue Reading →

A Major Opportunity Inside Our Churches

Every Christian must have a Grow Up Mindset, as we discussed last week. A Grow Up mindset is one where the Christian embraces the chance to cultivate their Christlikeness no matter the work or sacrifice needed.  Today, I want to show how Jesus encouraged and taught his followers to have a Grow Up mindset. The... Continue Reading →

A Major Problem Inside Our Churches

There is a problem in our churches that goes far beyond poor doctrine, secular influence, and weak leadership. This problem is the Christian fixed mindset. What is the Christian fixed mindset? These Christians don’t see their Christian faith as a means to change, transformation, or growth. They approach God to help change their circumstances or... Continue Reading →

Listen To Your Life

I was a college kid working in New Mexico for a summer the first time I meditated. I couldn’t tell you at the time that this was what I was doing but it was meditating all the same. I had taken a copy of a book by Frederick Buechner to a grassy spot on the... Continue Reading →

Being A Good Steward Of Your Pain

Frederick Buechner, whose childhood was marked by great loss and grief, once told his story at a retreat and a man remarked to him that he was a great “steward of his pain.” A steward is someone who is careful and responsible with something. This man was telling Buechner that he was careful and responsible... Continue Reading →

Your First Impression of Jesus

Can I trust Jesus? Psychology studies show that it can take only a tenth of a second for a person to build an impression of a stranger by their face. And that this first impression can be so strong that longer exposure doesn’t really change that first impression.  What does this mean for our spiritual... Continue Reading →

Quitting Willpower

Willpower is not that powerful.  Movies will celebrate athletes, military heroes, and leaders who appear to have super human will; but the rest of us are usually languishing in our efforts to beat our social media addiction, start an exercise program, and find some patience with our kids. Our will seems feeble and prone to... Continue Reading →

The Practice

What intentions have you put towards getting closer to Christ today? Does your rhythm of life demonstrate a dedication and devotion to Jesus? What rituals or practices do you participate in on a weekly basis? How does your followership to Jesus affect your decision making and the purposes you live by? Your answers to these... Continue Reading →

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