The ‘More So’ Years Are Here

“Dramatic depths of reality.” This was just a small phrase that Tish Harrison Warren used in discussing the Psalms but it stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know what was going through her mind when she wrote those words but here is what I have in mind when I think about the “dramatic depths... Continue Reading →

Frontier: One Word For 2021

Last year, during the Pandemic, my men's small group worked through (remotely) a book called My One Word. The idea behind the book is to choose, with God's help, a word for a given year that will be your theme, your anchor, your inspiration for that year. There is nothing magical about this process but... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Doomsday Preppers

Were you ready for the COVID-19 pandemic? I don’t mean did you have enough toilet paper or wifi power or fabric or baking supplies or a working bicycle? Were you spiritually ready? This pandemic has brought so many burdens on all of us and my concern is that followers of Christ hadn’t built up their... Continue Reading →

How To Find Treasure

Like a modern day parable, Jack Steuf, the man who found Forrest Fenn’s treasure, rejected sophisticated and highly technical theories on locating the treasure and simply attempted to understand Forrest Fenn himself. "I understood him (Fenn) by reading his words, and listening to him talk over and over and over and over again. And seeking... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready To Grow Up?

I desire to be the kind of person who people describe as a grown up. More specifically, I desire to be the kind of person people describe as a Grown Up Christian. A Grown Up Christian is someone who takes God seriously but themselves less seriously. A Grown Up Christian is someone who reads scripture... Continue Reading →

National Be With God Day

Reposted from 2019 On July 17, you should have eaten a Hot Dog while getting a Tattoo. You should have done this because that day was both National Hot Dog Day and National Tattoo Day. Recently, I was trying to explain Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Bastille Day to one of our daughters. As... Continue Reading →

An Alien Looks At Christmas

Reposted from 2016 If you dropped an alien into a medium sized American town on Christmas Eve, down the street from a church, what would he make of the scene? He would probably report back that Earthlings are obsessed with light. He would first notice that houses and buildings have lights attached to the walls... Continue Reading →

My Homeless Beach Weekend

Reposted from May 2018 Taking twelve homeless men to a beach house on the Texas coast? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing. Actually. A lifelong friend helps run a Houston Homeless Chess Club Ministry and back in March asked if I would go along with them on a retreat to the Texas coast. I didn't... Continue Reading →

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