How Not To Be A Pharisee

Pharisees are all around us in every aspect of society. It is one of our cultures most seductive tendencies - to puff ourselves up by letting everyone else know how righteous we are and how lacking everyone else is. It is seductive because all we have to do is to tick a few boxes of... Continue Reading →

My Friend Grief

Since 2015, I have been flattened to the ground by loss, been left zapped of all energy by the death of a loved one, and seen friends and co-workers who I talked to one week be dead a week later. I never knew this kind of grief before 2015. Sure, I had mourned the loss... Continue Reading →

The Christ Follower Must Surrender

Complete surrender is the ultimate goal of the Christ follower.  Some might say, “Why is that necessary? Doesn’t that seem extreme?” Perhaps we work against this notion because we think we have found a loophole in this discipleship thing. We have been presented a version of the Gospel that is, in Dallas Willard’s words, the... Continue Reading →

Here Is God’s Plan For Your Life

Singer-songwriter and writer, Carolyn Arends, tells the story of how music artist Rich Mullins would answer fans that would ask him how they could understand God’s will for their lives. According to Arends, Mullins would say, “I don’t think finding God’s plan for you has to be complicated. God’s will is that you love him... Continue Reading →

The ‘End of the Great Rebellion’

Henri Nouwen takes the greatest lessons of the Christian experience and presents them in ways that are digestible and inspiring. That is a difficult feat. His classic, The Return of the Prodigal Son, is dripping with gems that I can’t stop thinking about. For example: “The world’s love is and always will be conditional.” “‘Addiction’... Continue Reading →

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