The Start Is The Start

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So you want to Grow Up in your faith? You are done with a mundane and lifeless spiritual existence? You know that Christ lives in you but you wonder if his resurrection power was used on someone else.

What can you do? Can a plan be developed that will ignite a mature life with Christ? Where do you start?

The question is not where do you start but do you start?

The first thing is the first thing – Start

Then what? Well, if you are like me the start might not go so well.

Your times of prayer are little more than thought bubbles that you are trying to throw God’s way. Your scripture reading plan sends you to some chapter on curses and judgement that leaves more questions than answers. Or, you have an uplifting moment with God but then your next encounter with people is full of harshness and edginess and you quickly lose your temper and lash out. Satan loves to muck up things before any momentum is gained.

Let me tell you that your start my be wonderful or it may be frustrating but those experiences are not as important as the fact that you are doing the work, that you are checking in with God, that you are building that relationship, that you are not satisfied with your previous meagor attempts.

I promise you that if you can maintain your dedication to Grow Up in your faith for 4 to 5 days, God will show you how meaningful that effort can be and you will look forward to your times with God and he will help you with your next steps.

So get started.

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