How to Start A Small Group

Last time I talked about the value of community and small groups. I have started a few small groups over the years and have learned a thing or two. Here are my tips for starting your own small group. 1.Find one other person - No one said that your small group had to be bursting with... Continue Reading →

Is There Help With This Change Stuff?

I often have been confused by the role and responsibility of the  Holy Spirit in spiritual growth. One book that helped clarify this for me was James Bryan Smith's Good and Beautiful God. In it he presents a model of four components to life change - personal narrative (the way we think), spiritual disciplines, community,... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Control Your Thought Life

My last post was on the importance of thinking about God. Today, I offer up five exercises that can help you turn your distracted mind into one that regularly thinks on God. 1. Count Your Breaths - Distracting thoughts are like a buzzing mosquito that keeps flying around your head. You try to ignore it... Continue Reading →

Inside Out

Now that we know who our teacher is we have to watch out for a major pitfall -  trying to do what Jesus says. Our goal is not to try but to train ourselves to become like Jesus. This is the power of off-the-spot training (spiritual disciplines) that reorients our lives and begins to work... Continue Reading →

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