The Truth About Speaking The Truth In Love

“But speaking the truth in love…” I have heard this scripture used my entire life and in almost every context it is used incorrectly. The way that most people use it is as a rationale for being critical. “I am going to tell you something I don’t like about you or your behavior but don’t... Continue Reading →

How To Learn How To Live

At every turning point in our lives we are having to learn how to live. When a crushing loss happens to us we often say that “I had to learn how to live without…” If a prevailing illness or injury happens to us we say, “I had to learn how to live now that I... Continue Reading →

The God Who Sees Me

A few months back, I was struggling with disappointment and battling doubt and uncertainty. One morning during this time, I opened up the Daily Prayer app and came across the reading for that day - Genesis 16 and the story of Hagar. As I read, this line jumped out at me, “You are the God... Continue Reading →

Facing Death on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, this macabre practice of putting ashes on your forehead in the shape of a cross, is such a countercultural activity that it is amazing that it is still practiced. Ash Wednesday is countercultural because it is a deep and ritualistic focus on the one thing we hate to think about - death. The... Continue Reading →

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