God Provides A Church When You Need It

I needed a church where I could soak in the love of God.  I needed a church where I didn’t need to be a fresh, young volunteer prospect.  I needed a church where I could participate in worship and the sacraments in a tangible and physical way. I needed a church that valued scripture, not... Continue Reading →

Why I Fast

In May of 2019, I started to fast every Monday. At the time, I was fasting to bring seriousness and intention to something I was deeply praying for. But, as time wore on, it became a regular part of my weekly routine, like Leg Day or Pizza Night.  When I started, I fasted in response... Continue Reading →

Change Yourself; Change Society

Several years ago there was a reality show on Fox that I was really excited about. It was called Utopia and it was going to be like Survivor but the goal was less about one person surviving to the end and winning a million dollars and more about a group of strangers trying to create... Continue Reading →

Grown Up Decision Making

“How does your worldview, or belief system, affect your decision making?”  I like this question because it is a very practical way of determining what people really believe. This question goes beyond mere words about belief and instead sheds light on whether an individual actually has beliefs that guide their actions. If I can’t point... Continue Reading →

Permission To Love

I was once helping at an inner city ministry that served lunches to the homeless and hungry in our town.  Once a week, a Bible study group from the church connected with the ministry would host the lunch and be in charge of the meal and service. Before we opened the doors one day, I... Continue Reading →

There Is Nothing Spiritual About ChatGPT

I recently had to do a workshop presentation to faculty members at my University on the latest AI technology, ChatGPT. This is a chatbot that is designed to create text that is more human-like in its responses, interactions, and output.  As I was preparing for the presentation, I asked ChatGPT to write “a 10 minute... Continue Reading →

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