The Change You Want Is On The Other Side of Your Fear

One impediment to Growing Up is our fear of change, even if that change is a good one.  We would rather wallow in familiar misery than create future benefits. Even though our pain and unhappiness may be real and true, we put up with it because the condition we are in doesn’t require much of... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Your Growth Bubble Burst

In my lifetime there have been several economic bubble bursts moments. The tech bubble burst in early 2000 as startup tech companies that experienced rapid growth soon were going out of business. The housing bubble bursts around 2008 as the growth of real estate couldn’t be sustained and speculative practices overran the market and it... Continue Reading →

A Message For the Struggling Christian

If you are struggling with your Christian faith right now you are not alone. Church attendance is down and especially among adults 18-34. The grief and uncertainty of the last three years has left many Christians with a malaise about their relationship with Jesus. Depression is on the rise in such staggering numbers that it... Continue Reading →

A Day With An Ounce of Faith

Let’s say that I woke up today and only had a seed of faith in Christ. I believed that he was God’s son, that he died a brutal death, and that he was resurrected. What can that seed of faith accomplish?  First, we have to understand what faith is. It is, according to Dallas Willard,... Continue Reading →

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