Your First Impression of Jesus

Can I trust Jesus? Psychology studies show that it can take only a tenth of a second for a person to build an impression of a stranger by their face. And that this first impression can be so strong that longer exposure doesn’t really change that first impression.  What does this mean for our spiritual... Continue Reading →

Quitting Willpower

Willpower is not that powerful.  Movies will celebrate athletes, military heroes, and leaders who appear to have super human will; but the rest of us are usually languishing in our efforts to beat our social media addiction, start an exercise program, and find some patience with our kids. Our will seems feeble and prone to... Continue Reading →

The Practice

What intentions have you put towards getting closer to Christ today? Does your rhythm of life demonstrate a dedication and devotion to Jesus? What rituals or practices do you participate in on a weekly basis? How does your followership to Jesus affect your decision making and the purposes you live by? Your answers to these... Continue Reading →

How Not To Be A Pharisee

Pharisees are all around us in every aspect of society. It is one of our cultures most seductive tendencies - to puff ourselves up by letting everyone else know how righteous we are and how lacking everyone else is. It is seductive because all we have to do is to tick a few boxes of... Continue Reading →

How To Fight Unhappiness

The loss and sadness that I have experienced could bring one of two things.  One, I could, as Henri Nouwen says, “become accustomed to living with sadness” and let it define my future. Or, I could recognize the great goodness that has always been open to me in God’s kingdom.  Being accustomed to living with... Continue Reading →

The Spiritually Blind Are Terrible Guides

When I was in 7th grade my life science teacher got a scientific thing completely wrong.  This was the height of the AIDS hysteria of the 1980s. AIDS, or more accurately HIV, was all over the news because of its deadly nature and horrible symptoms. My science teacher told the class that we could catch... Continue Reading →

The Only World We Have For Growing Up

This world is our laboratory for Christian living. Though our future is assured in heaven, our present is in this context full of hatred, violence, loss, grief, betrayal, backstabbing, lies, idiocy, destruction, and self-centerdness. God intends for us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling here in the muck of human existence. If... Continue Reading →

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