Put Lots Of Things On The Table

One time as a young boy, my dad sat down at the family dinner table to eat. For some reason, the rest of the family had to do other things and young Bill was left by himself. In this lonely moment, young Bill said, “Put lots of things on the table.” In his mind, being... Continue Reading →

A Day With An Ounce of Faith

Let’s say that I woke up today and only had a seed of faith in Christ. I believed that he was God’s son, that he died a brutal death, and that he was resurrected. What can that seed of faith accomplish?  First, we have to understand what faith is. It is, according to Dallas Willard,... Continue Reading →

Stop What You Are Doing And Read Mark Today

People don’t read scripture enough as it is but for sure, they are not reading the four Gospels enough.  I once heard Dallas Willard say that “the Pentecostals’ Bible wears out at Acts 2, the Baptist’s Bible wears out at Romans 8 but the Gospels go largely untouched.” Other denominations have their pet scriptures that... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Someone Offends You

I was recently at an anniversary celebration for a church. A video was shown with members of the church talking about their experiences and what the church has meant to them. One couple talked about how they had been there from the early days. The wife mentioned that they almost left the church twice. Then... Continue Reading →

The Legacy of A Ragamuffin

Singer-songwriter Rich Mullins died 25 years ago last month. His death is still mourned and his music is still celebrated.  Mullins’ music possessed texture, broad themes, bold cultural statements, beautiful melodies and pleasant instrumentation; but more than anything else, his music was a spiritual work surfacing from a voice and an artist that Christians and... Continue Reading →

Men Need To Grow Up

Men’s ministry is full of examples pushing masculine things such as eating meat that someone hunted and killed, smoking cigars, starting a fire, or playing golf. There is nothing wrong with these things and men need to find more ways to connect and build community with other men but doing these things with a little... Continue Reading →

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