The Spiritual Push Up Test

Recently I came across a study that said that men over 35 who could do 40 consecutive push-ups were at a lower risk of heart failure. Doctors were considering using this Push-Up Test as a diagnostic of men’s cardiovascular health. I immediately asked myself if I could do 40 push-ups without stopping, so I tested... Continue Reading →

Who Is The Face of Christianity?

The Face of Christianity is Jesus. I feel like Captain Obvious making this point but peruse Church websites, Christian Twitter, or the Nightly News’ reporting on Christianity and tell me if you see Jesus front and center? There is no Christianity without Christ; he is the face of the faith. Just as Michael Jordan was... Continue Reading →

Forgive – Love – Wait

I don’t pretend to get many words from God but I do sometimes come across a feeling or an inspiration or an opening up that makes sense and is surprising and doesn’t seem to come from my limited thoughts. Three words have come to me recently and they have given me a way to pray... Continue Reading →

This Mysterious Power

When I am driving around with my daughters in the car we play Juke Box. We connect someone’s phone to the car’s bluetooth and each person in the car gets a turn picking a song.  The technology works fairly well as we try to que up our songs on Spotify but one time things went... Continue Reading →

Can You Imagine That?

I want you to imagine with me that God is nearer to you than the air that you breathe. That his presence resides even inside of you. That his love is attached to you and nothing can get it off of you. That God is doing what he wants done in you and around you.... Continue Reading →

My Ultimate Concern is…

My opinion doesn’t really matter. How I feel often leads to poor judgement. My assumptions are often wrong. My moods frequently show I am just tired and not experiencing some wrong inflicted on me from others. My desires will never be satisfied if they are most important. So, what is the alternative? You may think... Continue Reading →

Jesus Can Handle Your Questions

Nicodemus questions Jesus. The Rich Young Ruler has a question he needs answered. The disciples question how to pray, the meaning of parables, and an assortment of misunderstandings of Jesus’ teachings. Jesus spends so much of his time being quizzed and questioned. The Pharisees keep trying to trap him, the disciples are consistently not getting... Continue Reading →

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