The Politics of The Good

So apparently we can't call things like we see them anymore. The social media political environment forces one to double down on ideology instead of being considerate of the reality. If I am on the right, I can't call injustice for what it is, I have to point out that the left also practiced injustice.... Continue Reading →

When God Came Near

I remember when I first truly felt the comfort of God. When I really had a sense of his presence. It wasn't during a triumphant worship service or some rousing sermon. I was a middle schooler, laying in my bed with the lights out. I was dreading the next day like I had dreaded many... Continue Reading →

Two Mistakes We Make In Growing Up

Jesus, in the Greatest Sermon Ever Given, talked about these things: Anger Lust Lying Revenge Pride Greed Worry Judging Falseness Our great defense mechanism as humans is to recognize these traits in other people but not in ourselves. If we start reading Matthew 5-7 and get to teachings on pride or lust or anger we... Continue Reading →

When We Are Asked To Be Wise

I went to Jury Duty yesterday. For most of my adult life, I have been able to get out of the responsibility or some technicality has prevented me from being exposed to the actual selection process. In the case that I was a possible juror in, both the prosecution and the defense spent an hour... Continue Reading →

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