Developing A Waiting Strategy

Previously published January 2020. If you have hit a dry period in your spiritual life and God seems distant and deaf, how do you find the strength to persevere in prayer? How do you hang on until help comes? What is your waiting strategy? According to Emilie Griffin, our growth and our sanctification is found... Continue Reading →

What I Do For Sabbath

I promised you last week that I would share my Sabbath practice. This is not prescriptive so don’t try to copy it item for item. At the end, I do note a few areas that I would like to improve. May my description help you see the value of a Sabbath and help you see... Continue Reading →

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

I want to tell you my opinion about Critical Race Theory, women in church leadership, social justice, Black Lives Matter, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. But I am not going to.  The minute I start talking about these hot button issues will be the minute the reader wants to put me in a box, label... Continue Reading →

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