The Keys To Lasting Impact For The Asbury Revival

I was at Howard Payne University in 1995 when a revival broke out in almost the exact same way as the Asbury University revival in 2023. We had mass confession of sin and a deep sense of personal devotional conviction and commitment. There were people flocking to our campus to experience a mighty work of... Continue Reading →

Permission To Love

I was once helping at an inner city ministry that served lunches to the homeless and hungry in our town.  Once a week, a Bible study group from the church connected with the ministry would host the lunch and be in charge of the meal and service. Before we opened the doors one day, I... Continue Reading →

There Is Nothing Spiritual About ChatGPT

I recently had to do a workshop presentation to faculty members at my University on the latest AI technology, ChatGPT. This is a chatbot that is designed to create text that is more human-like in its responses, interactions, and output.  As I was preparing for the presentation, I asked ChatGPT to write “a 10 minute... Continue Reading →

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