We Are All Addicted

Though psychologists and researchers are reluctant to label excessive technology use as an addiction there are some tell tale signs that may be personal to us. Answer these questions: How many of us have more than one TV in the home? How many of us have more than one computer in the home? How many... Continue Reading →

How Would Jesus Use A Smart Phone?

Just as hurry has made the present a place that few people are satisfied living in, technology and its communicative ability to transport us digitally someplace else and with someone else has made us more and more distant from the people who may need us right where we are. Mark Galli, in a piece entitled... Continue Reading →

The Addicts Among Us

Addictions are for street people and celebrities and psychopaths, right? I admit that I am an information addict that was really messed up by the internet. No, I didn't stay up until 5 a.m. every night playing online games and I didn't neglect my family, at least not abusively. Part of what makes me decent... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Technology

Here are three steps to manage technology so that it does not become a detriment to your spiritual life. 1. Refuse to feel behind. No one wants to feel as if they are out of touch or behind the times. The truth of the matter is no one is completely up to date on technology.... Continue Reading →

Ways To Connect

I am working on a special post that maps out ways a Christian Life Hacker can use technology to enhance their spiritual life. Look for this post in the next couple of days. In the meantime, here are two easy ways that you can connect to this blog. First, click on the "Email Subscription" link... Continue Reading →

Remember To Keep It Holy

It is Sunday, what are you doing on the computer? Turn it off and go rest, or go play with your kids, or go worship, or go get some fresh air. Unplug as much as possible and see what else God is doing in the world around you.

Eliminate to Illuminate

If I am not careful, my stack of books to be read can grow by the day. I have never met an interesting website that I didn't want to subscribe to. If I enjoy a blog or writer I am never satisfied with reading just a few things by them, I have to read their... Continue Reading →

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