The Coachable Christian

Growing up, one of the things my dad always reminded me was to be coachable. He wanted me to listen to instruction, to not be hard headed or uncooperative, and to be humble enough to make changes even if they are difficult. Lately, I have wondered if I was being coachable in my Christian spiritual... Continue Reading →

What Does A Grown Up Life Look Like?

The week before Easter, I read this Tish Harrison Warren interview (it may be behind a paywall) with Tim Keller, the well known founder of Redeemer Church in New York City. Keller has spent two years suffering from pancreatic cancer. I found this interview to be a perfect example of what the Grown Up life... Continue Reading →

All It Took Was A Little Girl

I am haunted by Peter’s denial of Jesus. Jesus has been captured and taken before the High Priest. Peter, silently and without drawing attention to himself, follows Jesus to the house of the High Priest. Peter is fully aware that his association with Jesus puts him at risk of capture and arrest as well but... Continue Reading →

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