Try These Tools For Growing Up

I am thankful for these online/digital tools that allow me to consume scripture and spiritual inspiration in a variety of ways. From podcasts to apps that capture my notes and eBook highlights, I am indebted to these tools to help me stay connected to scripture, grounded in truth, and reminded of meaningful things.  I would... Continue Reading →

There Is Still Need For Small Groups

For many years now I have organized and led a small group of professors centered around spiritual growth. I am drawn to this kind of community despite myself. As an introvert, I would rather not face the awkwardness and the exhausting social dynamics found in groups. I don’t do small talk well and despise superficiality... Continue Reading →

The Cult of Personal Preference

In a previous post, I wrote, “If we don’t have Jesus as our ultimate example then we are susceptible to any version of Christianity that fits our personal preferences and often requires very little of us.” I thought I would expand on this thought a bit. First, what do I mean about being susceptible to... Continue Reading →

How Not To Be A Pharisee

Pharisees are all around us in every aspect of society. It is one of our cultures most seductive tendencies - to puff ourselves up by letting everyone else know how righteous we are and how lacking everyone else is. It is seductive because all we have to do is to tick a few boxes of... Continue Reading →

My Friend Grief

Since 2015, I have been flattened to the ground by loss, been left zapped of all energy by the death of a loved one, and seen friends and co-workers who I talked to one week be dead a week later. I never knew this kind of grief before 2015. Sure, I had mourned the loss... Continue Reading →

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