Is Jesus Lord Of Your Life?

All of my talk about spiritual disciplines may give the impression that these are requirements for righteousness. Spiritual disciplines serve only one purpose - to assist in making Jesus Lord of your life. What spiritual discipline can best focus your mind and heart on the Lordship of Jesus? For me, right now, it is the... Continue Reading →

Christian Life Hacker – 23 Things

Here is the entire list of the 23 Things. I hope you discovered some new practices and ideas that you hadn't been exposed to before. Feel free to share the 23 Things with your small groups and disciple groups. Congratulations to Cary Jester who commented on the most items and wins the free book. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Why I Envy Smokers

I envy smokers sometimes. You have seen them. Those lonely people huddled outside a back entrance looking reflectively at the horizon. I envy them because they have an excuse to go outside during work hours. They are probably one of the few people who ever look at the stars anymore. And if you joined them,... Continue Reading →

Introducing 23 Things

23 Things is a learning phenomenon within the circles in which I work. To keep up with trending technologies and to train those that are somewhat leery of new web movements, a librarian developed 23 Things to introduce these technologies and to give participants the opportunity to develop new skills and apply internet based tools... Continue Reading →

Don’t Bow Down To Your Feelings

I don't want to write today. I would rather be sleeping or catching up with Twitter or watching basketball. But this blog is important to me and if I am able to help some people who might happen upon it then I have really accomplished something. So, I know I have to keep the discipline... Continue Reading →

Why Solitude?

Why is solitude a spiritual discipline? 1. Jesus Did It - Read Mark and pay attention to how often Jesus goes off by himself to pray. Being a devout Jew, Jesus no doubt participated in the daily prayers that all Jewish people participated in but scripture tells us that Jesus did more than the prescribed... Continue Reading →

Making All Things New – Hacked

Henri Nouwen, for all of his scholarship and academic pedigree, was a master at taking aspects of the spiritual life and making them accessible and appealing. I have read his book, The Way of the Heart, many times and his Return of the Prodigal Son is one of my all time favorite books. I have... Continue Reading →

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