Good Words

Article: Eugene Peterson – the Joyful Environmentalist

Study: Internet addiction can cause brain damage.

Blog:  Soulgardeners – a beautiful looking blog about spiritual formation and missions.

Travel Destination:  Thorncrown Chapel

Quote: “If you think of reading as a means of uploading data, then reading will ALWAYS seem too slow.” ALan Jacobs

Good Words

Blog Post: George Barna tells churches to look at the fruit.

Quote: “Some guys try their hardest, they just don’t know how to try their best.” – Rick Carlisle

Book: The Next Story: Life After the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies

Podcast:  Interview of me by the Amateur Dads

Tweet:@mostradicalman  There is a difference between knowing Jesus and knowing ABOUT Him….

Good Words

Web Site: Wing Clips – free inspirational movie clips from a wide range of films

Article: How a pastor and a faith played a role in Jackie Robinson breaking the baseball color barrier.

Video: 60 Minutes visits the sacred Mt. Athos

Tweet: @louiegiglio Just in case my tweets give you the impression I’m always “all-together” spiritually, that’s not an accurate picture of me…

Good Words

Blog: Don’t Eat The Fruit – A blog about technology and faith


Challenge: The Simplified Church challenges each of its members to spend at least five minutes on their spiritual health

Article: A homeless strategy that might work.

Tweet: @FrankViola Jesus never told us “Whoever dies with the most religious knowledge wins.”

Music: Blessed by Lucinda Williams

Good Words

Tweet: @louiegiglio There are no insignificant roles/jobs. Everything (but sin) can be done as worship to Jesus, making everything

we do matter.


Article: Information overload can have a negative impact on our decision-making.

Quote: “Our need for Christ does not cease with our believing.” E.B. Warfield. HT: Conversations Journal

Lyrics: Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit.
Blessed is the lamb whose blood flows.
Blessed are the sat upon, spat upon, ratted on

– Blessed, Simon and Garfunkel

Website: Stickk. An incentive and accountability method to achieving change. Great for setting goals such as memorizing a scripture a week.

Good Words

Poll: Forget financial indexes, here is the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

Series: Articles on Lent and classic spiritual practices

Article: What technology does to relationships

Opinion: How do millionaire Christian athletes justify their quest for big contracts?

Tweet: @JohnPiper If we could receive Jesus as Savior and not receive his teachings as our daily norm, Satan would be the first person in line.

Good Words

Article: Perhaps Atheist are not as rational as they would have us believe.


Study: Outdoor activity does more for mental and emotional health than activity indoors.

YouTube: Interest in Gospel Music is on the rise.

Blog: Jan Johnson describes how marriage and family help combat selfishness.

Tweet: @donmilleris Long line at airport security. A TSA worker is yelling trivia questions. If you answer correctly you get to skip the line. Awesome.

Good Words

Christianity Today’s article on evangelicals succumbing to the sports culture


Has love of football turned into idolatry.

slow down jo
anybody ever tell you that you move too fast?
anybody ever tell you how to make a good thing last?
cuz it aint like that….

Slow Down Jo, Monsters of Folk

Tweet of the Week: @jonacuff My goal is to never be on my phone when I 1st come home from work. Nothing deflates an excited kid like being told to wait.

Snow Days bring out the cooks.