Communion In the Time of Corona

I miss sharing Communion.  Up until mid-March, the church that we attend offered Communion each Sunday. The way they did it was select members are stationed at the front of the sanctuary holding baskets of bread and a cup of juice. The congregants would come forward to take a piece of bread and dip it... Continue Reading →

The Quest For Approval Is Killing Me

Several years ago, I remember going to the first sessions of the Apprentice Experience.  These sessions were led by people that I truly admired and had learned so much from. Instead of sitting under their teaching and soaking in the wisdom and the potential for insight that God would provide through them I found myself... Continue Reading →

Bold Christianity is Not What You Think

I have a fear for new believers or younger Christians who have experienced the saving work of Christ on their lives and are now looking for models of how to behave as a Christian. These new Christians are sincere and dedicated and they want a behavior to match their bold belief and enthusiasm.  The problem... Continue Reading →

The First Job of A Christian

The word glory and glorify is used over and over in scripture but do we know what it means to glorify? I don't think I could have given you a definition until yesterday. In the Reservoir devotional that our staff has been going through we read this definition, "to glorify means to cause the worth... Continue Reading →

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