Book Review: A Testament of Devotion — Thomas R. Kelly

I didn't know what to expect when I first opened Thomas Kelly's A Testament of Devotion. I knew the book was listed among the best in Christian spirituality but I didn't know anything about the book.I didn't know that Kelly was a Quaker and that the essays within the book were taken from talks that... Continue Reading →

Re-Hacked: My Scripture Top 6-10

Yesterday, we looked at five scriptures passages that have not only been enriching to me but also key transition points to other passages. Today, I list the rest of my top 10. 6. 1 Samuel 16 – By the time I had become taken by the Sermon on the Mount and many of the other passages in my top... Continue Reading →

The Christian Must Reads

The good people over at Renovare have recently released a book entitled 25 Books Every Christian Should Read. I thought it would be interesting to compare their list of classic books for the Christian life with the most recent Christian book stores best sellers lists. You don't have to look too hard into culture to... Continue Reading →

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