It’s The Most Spiritual Time Of The Year

You may think that you have never practiced Spiritual Disciplines. You would be wrong. If you have celebrated Christmas, then you have practiced Spiritual Disciplines. All that music, all of those candles, all that giving, all that singing, all of that charity focus, all of that family celebration, all of that scripture reading, all of... Continue Reading →

“Are You Happy With The Person You Are Becoming?”

Last week had a little bit of everything. 29 people from all corners of the country converged on Wichita, Kansas for five days of study, worship, reflection, direction, fellowship, celebration, conviction, relationship developing, and encouragement.Some of us were pastors, some of us were lay people, some needed deep restoration and healing, some were working toward... Continue Reading →

The Plan To Change Lives

Why do I need to Grow Up? Can I really change? What kind of Christian life am I supposed to live? Why is it so hard to see results of my Christian transformation? If you have taken your life as a follower of Jesus seriously at any point, you have probably asked these questions. I... Continue Reading →

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