You May Be Thinking About Your Faith All Wrong

In 2009, 9 out of 10 Pastors, in a Barna poll, said that spiritual maturity is one of the most serious problems facing their churches. I doubt that this poll would be much different today. I suggest that the reason for this problem is because there is no emphasis on spiritual maturity in the church.... Continue Reading →

Try Listening

One tactic that has made a big difference in my spiritual life of late is increased listening. So much is written and spoken about prayer but little is spoken about the listening aspect of prayer. Why ask God for assistance if you are not willing to listen for his answer and guidance? What have you... Continue Reading →

Tactics Can Be Dead Ends

I have been hesitant in this space to offer recipes and tactics for spiritual growth. You can find those in previous versions of the blog. Tactics and exercises without an understanding of the goal and the purpose behind them easily become instruments for pride and moralism. Through reading this blog, I hope you have had... Continue Reading →

We Don’t Grow Anything

I have talked about the need for you to do the work of growing up in the faith. How does that work mesh with what God is already doing? Gordon T. Smith says, "...the genius of human action is that it is an act of response to and participation in the actions of God." We... Continue Reading →

The Start Is The Start

So you want to Grow Up in your faith? You are done with a mundane and lifeless spiritual existence? You know that Christ lives in you but you wonder if his resurrection power was used on someone else. What can you do? Can a plan be developed that will ignite a mature life with Christ?... Continue Reading →

Signs of Maturity

How do you know if your spiritual life is advancing, that you are growing up? Are there markers that signify maturity? Again, you can look at general maturity that we are all familiar with. A teenager lacks maturity because they think they have all the answers and that any one who tries to tell them... Continue Reading →

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