A Part of My Story: Discovery On Fisk Avenue

I went to a small Baptist college in a small town in central Texas. Down the street from my college was a Presbyterian church. I had recently been reading a lot of Frederick Buechner and Thomas Merton and was fascinated by their spiritual journeys. Both of them came to conversion in their early to mid-twenties... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Celebrity Pastors

The problem with celebrity pastors is that whether they chased celebrity to begin with or it found them, maintaining celebrity requires feeding a public that no matter what they say, probably aren't supremely interested in the integrity of the Gospel. If you are a celebrity pastor and your next steps are pushing away from Christ,... Continue Reading →

How to Read the Bible

Read it everyday. I don't want you to find a reading plan, I just want you to read it everyday. This could mean you read the same chapter five days in a row. This could mean that you meditate, memorize, and mark up one verse for a week. The point is to interact and to... Continue Reading →

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