How Solitude And Silence Are Helpful For Repentance

This week's 23 Thingsfocused on solitude and silence. To illustrate some of the points of these practices, I asked my good friend, Hieromonk Alexander, to offer his insight on the subject. Hieromonk Alexander is a priest in the Russian Orthodox Abroad and lives and works at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, a monastery in... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog

I blog because I like to write and the regiment of a blog is good practice. I blog because I get tired of reading "look at me I can write about hermeneutics" theological pieces that are more about impressing people or starting debates than it is about helping people or God's kingdom. I blog because... Continue Reading →

Why We All Need A Program To Follow

Four Hour Work Week Core Performance I Will Teach You To Be Rich Total Money Makeover These are just a few of the programs that I have enlisted in over the years to be intentional about change or improvement. This winter and spring, I have followed Peter Walsh into what our family has called "The... Continue Reading →

Now What??

Thanks for checking in yesterday as we kicked off 23 Things. Once you have completed this week's activities, leave a comment to announce your completion or discuss the things you read or discovered in this week's session. If you want to be eligible to receive the book, 25 Books Every Christian Should Read, you have... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 1

Week 1: Introduction 1. Listen: Podcast on 23 Things and Spiritual Disciplines 2.  Read: A primer on Disciplines, the Holy Spirit, and  Spiritual Growth.

FAQ About 23 Things

Do I have to sign up to participate in 23 Things? No, you can participate in any way you would like. Each of the "things" will be posted on the blog and you can read and do how you wish. Will you have other blog content besides 23 Things? Yes, the 23 Things content will be weekly... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons To Try 23 Things

1. It is needed. I had a conversation with a friend the other day and we talked about how spiritual growth and discipleship are what will have an impact on a church not programs. Imagine just 25 people in your church rearranging their lives around the practices and lifestyle of Jesus. These 25 people's influence... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peak Into 23 Things

The next venture on the Christian Life Hacker will be 23 Things. I have discussed this event here but I wanted to provide an audio blog/podcast to help kick start it. Listen to this short (8 min.) podcast that will tell you what 23 Things is all about and why it is important. Listen to... Continue Reading →

Re-Hacked: Pick It Up And Read

I have found myself at times, reading the study notes in a Bible first and then reading the scripture they reference. What happened to just reading the Bible? I have several Bibles around the house and the one I have been reading lately has no study notes or reflections. The only feature that it provides... Continue Reading →

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