A Letter To My Daughter On Her 17th Birthday

To Lilly on Her 17th Birthday, According to Jesus, who was worthy of blessing and to experience the Kingdom of God? Think about the people Jesus wanted us to reevaluate? Little children, the last and the first, Samaritans(even sinful ones), tax collectors, and the sick and dying all had their fates and worthiness already determined... Continue Reading →

Your Church Could Do This Now

Many churches in my state are starting to reopen but with really strange requirements like RSVP, only sitting in certain locations, escorts in and out, and limits on attendees. I am encouraged that church families will start to gather again, offer collective praise and worship, and actively demonstrate their love for God and one another.... Continue Reading →

Finding Jesus In A Podcast About Buddhism

While listening to a podcast that was highlighting the work of a Buddhist author, I heard phrases and bits that led me to deeper and more profound thoughts on Jesus and his love. The first phrase that was mentioned was, "this kinship with the suffering of others." This made me think about Jesus when his... Continue Reading →

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