How To Grow A Spiritually Mature Man

I am going to lay out some ideas in this space in relation to how groups of men can Grow Up in their Christian Life. These are just ideas, I haven't tested them but through observation, reading, and my own experience, I believe that this might be a pathway to move men into a more... Continue Reading →

The Loss of A Friend

I lost a good friend on Friday. Over the years and through many letters (yes, letters), phone calls, and a men's retreat, he and I ministered to each other. Our friendship went way back and it has always been rich and meaningful and God was often at the center of it. Our friendship was one... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Have To Do Something Crazy

I am fascinated with Grand Gestures. Those out on a limb efforts that signal a no turning back approach to pursuing a goal or completing a task. In 2002, my wife and I, and young daughter, made the Grand Gesture to leave a comfortable,¬†safe¬†existence with a clear career path for a ministry with inner city... Continue Reading →

My Morning Routine

Let me get this out there first. There is nothing sacred about the morning time. I have heard pastors turn morning devotional times into a modern day legalism. If your best time for prayer, meditation, and scripture reading is at night or during your lunch hour, then do it then. Don't let anyone make you... Continue Reading →

Try This Meditative Exercise

You have read this post and this post and you think you want to try this meditation thing. Let me give you a simple exercise for you to do. Right off the top of my head, I can think of some meditative verses that we can use. "Be still and know that I am God"... Continue Reading →

My Experience With Meditation

  So I started meditating regularly at the beginning of this year. As I mentioned in the last post, the podcasts I was listening to kept bringing it up. I knew that if these atheistic practitioners were getting benefit out of their version of meditation, then what kind of benefit could I get from not... Continue Reading →

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