How I Improved My Prayer Life

Every morning I go to the same spot on our living room floor and get on my knees and I pray for 4-5 things. These prayer sessions never last more than 10 minutes and I am usually praying for the same things each day. There is nothing unique about this other than the fact that... Continue Reading →

A Year of Waiting

One of the hardest things to do in the spiritual life is wait. Waiting for answered prayer, waiting for God's will, waiting for direction, waiting for inspiration. The last year has been a year of waiting for me. I am only good at waiting when I know God is involved. Of course, God is involved... Continue Reading →

Neglecting The Need To Be Good People

At the very points where Christians should be obvious lights of better living and treatment to others, they are often demonstrating the opposite. For example: In a recent Barna poll, 49% of Unchurched people could not identify a single positive contribution made by American Christians. Baylor University, a place that touts leadership and faith on... Continue Reading →

Treasure or Clay Pot?

I work at a Christian university that has developed quite a culture. A culture that they are very proud of. I have worked at two others Christian, Baptist universities and DBU is unique in its commitment to Christ-centeredness and Servant Leadership. Maybe you have been a part of a church with a rich culture with... Continue Reading →

My Letter To God

Our Apprentice Experience Community has started our second round of readings and questions in preparation for Gathering 2 in March. One of the first Soul-Training exercises we were asked to complete based on our readings was to write a letter to God starting with the words, "Dear God, the life I want most for myself... Continue Reading →

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