Good Words

Scot McKnight has developed a map of spiritual development


New Book: Bob and Joel Kilpatrick  discuss The Art of Being You

Study: TV exposure causes much higher rates of eating disorders

Dallas Willard goes in depth on the VIM pattern of change

“The personal dimension of the gospel is good news about ourselves. The reality of what is within us is every bit as important as the news from the political, industrial, and scientific centers of the world. Even if world peace were an accomplished fact and the domestic economy stabilized to everyone’s satisfaction, we still must deal with ourselves.” – Eugene Peterson, Traveling Light

Good Words

Still trying to change on your ownResearch says that groups of friends are the key to changing behaviors.

Donald Miller asks if Evangelicals are getting dumber?

A prayer for Haiti on the anniversary of the earthquake.

Study: Online activity is hurting your offline relationships.

“Some call them silent times

but the sound that nothing makes is almost deafening at times

if you want to keep your mind

you will give yourself your nothing time.”

– Mother Hips, “Are You Breathing?”

Good Words

Technology causing too many distractions? Apps to the rescue.

Prayer creates mental relief, according to Pew Study.

Yancey asks the literature question, “What Good is God?

“Silence is the soil of the Word; only when we are alone with the Word do we gain the depth of insight that enables us to preach with power and clarity.  Yet silence is only a means to a higher end.  Silence that does not give rise to speech is dumbness.  Speech that does not grow out of silence is chatter.”
Donald Bloesch, A Theology of Word and Spirit 232
(courtesy of Metamorpha)

Is information overload just a 21st Century problem?

Iris Dement sums up our spiritual and family dilemma in song.

One of My Favorite Quotes

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” – Trevor Hudson, A Mile In My Shoes

We can have access to all of the greatest new ideas and resources in Christian living but if we are unwilling to think back over what God has already done in our lives then we are missing some of our greatest opportunities to learn. Understanding how God has already worked in my life has given me great comfort. I have learned to not be so hard on myself and realize that my experiences in the past are directly related to what I am capable of learning and receiving from God here in the present. That is what growth is all about.

If I am willing to be used by God and be moved by the Holy Spirit then I must accept where I am now in my spiritual life and seek guidance as to how to move forward in the reality of my current situation. The framework of your experiences is the best location for achieving growth in the spiritual life.

What experiences require your reflection? Make a list of three experiences that have had the biggest impact on your Christian life. Here are mine:

Breakdown of  2000

Sept. 11, 2001

birth of our youngest daughter