Losing My Favorite Prayer Partner

My most trusted prayer partner never said a prayer in his life. He didn’t offer to pray for me or tell me his prayer list. He often would interrupt my prayers with a bathroom break or a loud yell.  Henry was our long time dog who died this past Sunday. Unlike typical dogs that could... Continue Reading →

A Day With An Ounce of Faith

Let’s say that I woke up today and only had a seed of faith in Christ. I believed that he was God’s son, that he died a brutal death, and that he was resurrected. What can that seed of faith accomplish?  First, we have to understand what faith is. It is, according to Dallas Willard,... Continue Reading →

Stop What You Are Doing And Read Mark Today

People don’t read scripture enough as it is but for sure, they are not reading the four Gospels enough.  I once heard Dallas Willard say that “the Pentecostals’ Bible wears out at Acts 2, the Baptist’s Bible wears out at Romans 8 but the Gospels go largely untouched.” Other denominations have their pet scriptures that... Continue Reading →

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