Welcome To Christian Life Hacker

Three things you can do now:

1. Read my About story to find out why I am doing this.

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Why is it called Christian Life Hacker?

Hacking has traditionally been a computer geek term for working around long, time-consuming problems. Increasingly, the term life hacking is being used to describe ways individuals make improvements in their life. Whether it be at work, school, the gym, or at home, life hacking is a cultural phenomenon. While there are many secular life hacking blogs and sites my research has not shown a life hacking resource devoted to Christian Living. So, Christian Life Hacker is born.

This blog is not about taking short cuts but instead it is about taking small steps to growth that even those who feel the most spiritually inadequate can find tiny successes that will enrich their lives and connect them with God.

What I Had To Learn

Here is an excerpt from the About page. I encourage you to read the entire thing so that you can understand where I am coming from and what we can hope to accomplish together:

Coming down from the spiritual mountain top was necessary and the only way to truly grow into this new life that Christ had given to me but it wasn’t easy. I had to find a way to grow spiritually on flat ground and not just on the highest peaks. I had to overcome my tendency towards spiritual frustration and defeatism. I had to learn that more knowledge and collecting spiritual paraphernalia did not equal true growth. I had to learn how the Holy Spirit works in our spiritual lives. I had to learn that there are no merit badges in the spiritual life only an increased sense of God’s love and his will being done. I had to learn that more spiritual activity did not equal more Christlikeness and that little efforts done with a well conditioned heart could bring great spiritual benefits.