Fear #4 – More Responsibility

One of the basic rules of life is that with age comes more responsibility. I am more aware of this on this particular day because it is my birthday. Just as physical growth brings more responsibility, so does spiritual growth. When I get closer to God I realize more of my own failings and how... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Article: Eugene Peterson - the Joyful Environmentalist Study: Internet addiction can cause brain damage. Blog:  Soulgardeners - a beautiful looking blog about spiritual formation and missions. Travel Destination:  Thorncrown Chapel Quote: "If you think of reading as a means of uploading data, then reading will ALWAYS seem too slow." ALan Jacobs

Changing Ourselves Can Be Frightful

My oldest daughter is convinced that she is a "germaphobe". She is in that pre-teen age range that starts to obsess over identity. All of those labels that are so stereotypical of school start to surface during this time. So, my daughter has chosen "germaphobe" as her identity. I am sure she will graduate to... Continue Reading →

Is Following Christ No Fun?

The second thing that many Christians fear when they become more devoted in their faith is that they will lose the things that bring enjoyment to their life.  What people don't understand is that God knows better than we do what brings us enjoyment. He has our best interests at heart and if we will... Continue Reading →

Fearing Spiritual Failure

I have always been a terrible swimmer. Two years ago, I tried to remedy my poor swimming status by sheer practice. I failed miserably. I seemed to be attacking the water rather than gliding through it. One lap down was a chore that left me out of breath and hurting. I was frustrated and annoyed... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Blog Post: 13 Tips to developing a spiritual rule of life. Column: How busyness is a form of sloth. Tweet:  @johnortberg Solitude is the great laboratory of the spirit. Introverts naturally love it extroverts think it would be ok if they could bring friends Blog Post:  Jan Johnson gives up television. Quote:  "A bookstore is one of the only pieces... Continue Reading →

Sleep As A Spiritual Discipline

Have you noticed that you doze off easier than you used to? Is staying awake in church or in meetings more difficult than it should be? Does your prayer time often lead to your eyes getting heavy? In our fast paced and constantly stimulated society we are so used to having our mind occupied and... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Life Distractions

Yesterday, I talked about the need to formulate a plan for spiritual growth. It is ironic that I was discussing this when my Spiritual Enrichment Plan has been highly disrupted over the last month or so. The culprit? The Dallas Mavericks. I have followed the Mavs since I was a kid and have been overwhelmingly... Continue Reading →

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