Quit Focusing On Inadequate Examples of Growing Up

Reposted from 2016

Superficially, many of our hang ups on the road to Growing Up don’t involve anything to do with your deep personal spiritual make up.

Often, you are hesitant to Grow Up because of the poor examples of “mature” Christians you see around you or observe a church culture that you want no part of. This is the wrong focus. God isn’t asking you to match someone else’s faith or fulfill some here today/gone tomorrow church trends, he is asking you to join the Kingdom of God. The what you ask?


The Kingdom of God is where what God wants done is done. The Kingdom of God is what Jesus spent many of his parables discussing. As James Bryan Smith has said, “It is much more difficult to find a teaching of Jesus that was not about the kingdom than to find one that is.”

The interactive life with God that is the Kingdom of God is what you should strive for. The Kingdom of God is a place where you hear from God and know what to do next. A place where you receive assurances of your standing with him and experience the deep love and mercy of the Father. A place where you can drop all pretense and be humbled because God is working and in control.

The Kingdom of God transcends individual examples of “good Christians” or church marketing slogans. Scripture tells us that it is so precious that a man would sell all that he had to assure he could obtain it.

So quit looking around to human examples of faith that lack substance and aren’t true to your deepest longing. Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. Then, so much will be added to you. You will even Grow Up.

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