Running The Race: The Testing Ground

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On Dec. 4 I will run in the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. Once a week, I will provide my observations on the connection between the spiritual life and training to run a marathon. Please visit my White Rock fundraising page to honor my daughter and contribute to a great cause.

As a librarian by trade, I read frequently and find it easy to locate information on just about anything. So naturally, while training for the marathon, I have been doing a lot of reading and research on training techniques, race day strategies, and personal marathon experiences. But sometimes I have found myself more interested in reading about marathon training and running than actually training and running. I guess I enjoy making workout plans and learning about new techniques more than training itself. The fact of the matter is, the only way to test whether or not these plans and strategies work is to test them out in your training and running. Running is the testing ground for anything I read and research. I have to take what I have learned and put it to the test in my own experience, otherwise it is just words on a page.

Have you put Jesus’ teachings and the spiritual life to the test? Have you studied the Sermon on the Mount or I Corinthians 13 and put it into action to see if it works? I dare you to try it. I don’t mean attending another Bible Study or reading another blog but actually putting the words of the New Testament and things like the Ten Commandments and Psalm 23 from the Old Testament into action and test the Christian life.

I can read about marathon running and pour over articles and blogs but it is only when I take what I have learned and act upon it that the knowledge that I gained has any power. It may be time for you, as a Christian, to get into training. Quit learning about Christ and God’s work of redemption without testing it out on the track of life. Come and see that the Lord is good.

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