What If Success Was Something Else?

Is there a more loaded word in the English language than "success"? The types of people we like to tag as successful center around a narrow list of characteristics. Money is usually the first marker, followed by acclaim, and then maybe influence. But am I truly successful because I have money? What about acclaim? I... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Grow Up

Birth receives far more attention among Christians than growth. Born again, new birth, new life are all terms in high use among Western Christians, and rightly so. But, ignoring or overlooking growth leads to the absence of growth and in the words of Eugene Peterson, we become "a nation of adolescence." Peterson goes on to... Continue Reading →

Every Morning Is Different

I like my schedule and I am a creature of routine. I have even shared my Morning Routine here on the blog. But, I have learned to be okay with my rather varied practices and to not be so rigid that I turn every morning into a legal practice that has success/failure outcomes. For example,... Continue Reading →

We Are All Imitators of Something

My daughters like to watch the TV show, "America's Next Top Model." This is a reality show where aspiring models compete to be the top pick and get a modeling contract. Throughout the show they are coached and guided by experts, other models, and people who are experienced in the industry. My daughters have started... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Very Observant

Most of the time, I am too distracted, too busy, too worried, too anxious to notice all the good and meaningful things that are around me. I recently picked up Eugene Peterson's book Practice Resurrection. This book is Peterson's conversation on Ephesians. I had read this book, or portions of it, several years ago, but... Continue Reading →

Two Mistakes We Make In Growing Up

Jesus, in the Greatest Sermon Ever Given, talked about these things: Anger Lust Lying Revenge Pride Greed Worry Judging Falseness Our great defense mechanism as humans is to recognize these traits in other people but not in ourselves. If we start reading Matthew 5-7 and get to teachings on pride or lust or anger we... Continue Reading →

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