My Daily Routine

I am always reluctant to tell others about my morning routine. I think I am embarrassed by how early I get up and how regimented that I am. I think that it will discourage others from pursuing spiritual things because they will think that they have to get up as early as I do. I know, I know, I sound self absorbed but these are the thoughts that run through my brain when I am telling others about when I pray and read scripture. So, I am just going to lay it out there for you. You can pass judgement however you wish. But, I do hope that you will see how intentional I have to be in order to spend time with God and that sacrifices have to be made in order to make it happen. Below you will find my best case scenario for my morning routine. It seldom happens exactly this way but this is the ideal scenario.

4:50 – Alarm goes off

5:00 – Wake up and eat a snack

5:10 – Work out

5:30 – Spiritual Enrichment Program (prayer, scripture reading, silence, devotional and spiritual living reading)

6:00 – Writing For Blog

6:35-6:40 – Soaking in Tub (I use this time for more prayer and meditation on God)

6:40 – Get ready for work

7:30 – Leave for work (listen to a podcast related to whatever I am reading at the time)

Lunch break – Read a biography, memoir, or autobiography on spiritual figure in a location that is not my office.

Drive home – Listen to music. I find that this helps me wind down from work and often is good for my soul.

Nightly reading (this rarely happens) – Read from the same book that I read from during my lunch breaks

11:00 – Try to be in bed by this time. I go to sleep thinking about things in my day that I can be happy and thankful about.

This is not a formula and everyone will be different but I hope that you do not copy this arrangement as much as you maybe draw inspiration from it. With this arrangement, I am able to read two books at a time, exercise, write a blog, spend time in God’s word (not enough though), and pray. But, I often sleep past five, get distracted by the internet, put too much emphasis on reading books over reading the Bible and pray in a rush. I am not perfect but this arrangement has given me some very beneficial times with God and opportunities to learn more about him.

What can you change about your schedule to give you more opportunity for time with God and spiritual growth?

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