Every Morning Is Different

I like my schedule and I am a creature of routine. I have even shared my Morning Routine here on the blog. But, I have learned to be okay with my rather varied practices and to not be so rigid that I turn every morning into a legal practice that has success/failure outcomes. For example,... Continue Reading →

How I Improved My Prayer Life

Every morning I go to the same spot on our living room floor and get on my knees and I pray for 4-5 things. These prayer sessions never last more than 10 minutes and I am usually praying for the same things each day. There is nothing unique about this other than the fact that... Continue Reading →

Scripture Reading While You Run

Like last fall, I am training for the Dallas Marathon.* Though I try to find training programs that limit my mileage to a manageable number there is still no substitute for putting in the running miles. The best audio version/podcast of scripture that I have found is Pray-as-You-Go. It is on iTunes and can be... Continue Reading →

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

We are discussing prayer and meditation this week on the blog. Check out this week's 23 Things here. Who better person to learn prayer from than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: Matt. 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you Matt. 6:5-9 “And when you pray, do not... Continue Reading →

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