Learning To Live Like Jesus

Since I presented the Christian Life Hackers Guide to Lent last week I have been praying for God to show me what I needed to do fast from during the Lenten season. I believe that God had something else in mind.

Through the DBU library, I had put in an interlibrary loan request a few weeks ago for a book by Gary Moon entitled Apprenticeship With Jesus: Learning to Live Like The Master. Yesterday, the book arrived and considering that it is designed to be a 30-day program in becoming more like Jesus I thought it might be appropriate for me to use this as a resource for intentional study, reflection, and practice in preparation for the celebration of Easter. I also thought it might be fun and appropriate for me to share this journey with others that may also long for more than a “good enough Christianity” that often doesn’t include transformation.

So, here is what you will see from me over the next month or so.

1. A summary and reflection over that day’s reading

2. Thoughts and experiences from the daily exercises that are recommended

3. What God is teaching me as I read through the book.

Here is what you can do to follow along.

1. Purchase the book online. You can find online versions of the book through Google Books or you can find a Kindle app for your iPhone or iPod touch and purchase the Kindle version. Both locations charge around $10 for the book. If you do not want to purchase it, you can go to Google Books and view a preview of the book which will allow you to follow along in sections. Amazon also has a “Look Inside” feature that provides a healthy preview of the book.

2.  Even if you can’t follow along, please read my daily summaries and participate in that way. You will still learn what I think is most enlightening, helpful and applicable.

3. Commit to learn from Jesus how to live your life for the next month. Being an apprentice is a process of being with Jesus and learning to do the things that he did and thinking the way that he thought. Make this a prayerful focus for you for the next 30 days.

I am excited about what God will teach me over the next month and I can’t wait to share it with you. But more than anything, I hope that you will learn something from Jesus and experience true transformation in your life.

Will you join me?

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