Apprenticeship With Jesus: Introduction

For Lent, I am walking us through a book called Apprenticeship With Jesus. You can follow along by reading my highlights and reflections. Extensive previews of the book can be found through Google Books and Amazon, as well as eBook purchasing options.

Forward By Dallas Willard

– American Christianity focuses more on the intellect rather than experience which creates a chasm between belief and real life.

– Can you truly trust Jesus and not become his disciple?

– Profession of belief is not belief.

I hate “I Believe” Christian songs. There are countless tunes that are just a listing of beliefs. The way you live your life is your testimony to what you believe not a three minute song with multiple chorus repeats.

Introduction: Who Would I Be If Jesus Were Living His Life Through Me

– Need to move beyond “decision driven evangelism and fact wrapped discipleship”

– Our Christian life needs to be experiential with hands on training just like an apprentice

– An apprentice spends time with the Master in order to do what the master does

– “Good enough Christianity” – Belief without transformation

I really can’t get past the subtitle to the introduction. What would Jesus be like if he were in my job, my family, my church, and my life? What would that look like? How would I treat others? How would I treat myself? How would I work? How would I serve my church?

Oh Lord, how I want Christians to move past Good Enough Christianity. Did Christ die for just good enough? How I want my life to be so much more than good enough.

What is Jesus teaching me? I hate to fall into fads and hype and I get so annoyed with first day enthusiasm but last day apathy but I am beginning to see that God places new and exciting endeavors in our lives in order to shake us up a bit. This Lent project of working through this book has made me excited all day. I have already begun thinking about ways that I can be more earnest with my faith and how I want to learn from the Master. God has brought this activity, as well as this blog into my life as a part of my transformation.

What is God bringing into your life for your transformation?

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