Is God Absent? Maybe He Just Wants You To Grow Up

An aspect of Growing Up physically and as a human that we often ignore is the role our parents play in that process. In the same way, the role that God plays in our spiritual growth cannot be ignored.

Just as our parents interact with us much differently at age 15 than they did at age 5, God’s interaction with us now will be different than it was when we first began to know him. If we miss this fact, then we will think that God has changed or that he doesn’t care for us now in the same way that he once did.

How might God respond to a maturing believer different from a young believer? A young believer needs attention, reassurance, direction at multiple turns, and signs of care and love. A maturing believer is already aware of these things so they need transformation of the heart, a deeper closeness, a mission or calling, and the reality of God’s love even in dark times.

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of William T. Evans

Jesus had times that he taught multitudes and served them and performed miracles for them but he also had times that he just spoke and taught and revealed himself to his disciples. The approach and messages were different because of the intimacy that he had with each group. Many of the first group progressed to become “disciples” but only as their relationship grew and morphed into something more than simply responding to a lesson or a sign of God.

If you are wondering why your spiritual life has become halted or if you feel like you are clinging on to a faith that seems distant and inappropriate for your stage in life, then maybe it is time to follow Christ into a deeper, Grown Up life. You have progressed from infant formula and need solid food.

Next time, we will look at some simple ways to start your Grown Up life.

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